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Administrative/ Assessments
Download Alternate Payment Schedule
Download Collection Policy
Download Late Fee Policy
Download Meeting Conduct Resolution
Download Recorded Resolution Adopting Standards for Resident Interaction with Board
Download Record Retention - Production - Inspection
Download Transfer Fee
Download Use of Rec Facility

Governing Documents
Guidelines for landscaping, sidewalks and driveways
Download Landscaping, Sidewalks & Driveway requirements
Rules & regulations regarding use of vehicles on common areas & reserves
Download Vehicle Use Rules
Guidelines/Suggestions for maintaining/replacing mailboxes
Download Mailbox Resolution
Resolution by Board to increase Association Transfer Fee
Download Association Transfer Fee recorded
Download 2001-09-25 Exh D - Collection Policy-Rescinded V323496.pdf
Updated list w/addition of new Transfer Fee
Download List of Recorded Association Documents
Download Certificate of Filing
Download 2012 Certificate of Dedicatory Instruments
Download 2001 Certificate for Dedicatory Instruments
Download Articles of Incorporation
Download Amend to ByLaws - Change in Quorum
Download Bylaws
Download Supplemental DCCRs Area VI
Download Supplemental DCCRs Area V
Download Supplemental DCCRs Area IV
Download Supplemental DCCRs Area III
Download Supplemental DCCRs Area II
Download Declaration

Home Improvement References
Download Vehicle Use Rules & Regulations
Download Amended Fencing
Download Approved Roof Colors in LOE
Download ARC Guidelines
Download Basketball Goal Guidelines
Download Certain Roofing Materials
Download Composting Devices
Download Display of Religious Items
Download Flag Display
Download Play Structures
Download Recorded Resolution Adopting Tree Reqmts
Download Recorded Resolution Adopting Yard Signs Rules
Download Solar Energy Devices
Download Yard Art Guidelines
Download Yard Sign Rules

street address map
Download LOE Map with street addresses
map depicts allowable street parking for large events held at homes and at the Clubhouse
Download Parking Map for large events

MUD 341
Download 11-11-19 Minutes
Overview of Harris County MUD 341 Utility District
Download MUD 341 General Infomation
10-14-19 Minutes (HC341)
Download 10-14-19 Minutes
Download 9-9-2019 Minutes
Download 8-12-19 Minutes
Download 7-8-19 Minutes
Download 6-10-19 Minutes
Download 5-13-19 Minutes
Download 4-8-19 Minutes
Audited Financial
Download MUD Audited Financial 8-31-18
seasonal water usage in LOE
Download Just Add Water
Download DEcember 2017 MUD Board Meeting Minutes
Agenda for December meeting
Download December 11, 2017 MUD Board Meeting Agenda
Meeting Agenda
Download October 9, 2017 MUD Board Mtg Agenda
Business Agenda
Download Board Meeting Agenda for August 14, 2017
Published Agenda for monthly meeting
Download July 10, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
Minutes of June MUD Board meeting
Download HC 341 June 10, 2017 Approved Board Minutes
Minutes of the MUD Board meeting
Download HC 341 May 8, 2017 Approved Minutes
Download MUD 341 June 12th Board Meeting Agenda
Minutes of business transacted
Download April 10, 2017 Board meeting minutes
agenda for the May meeting
Download May 8, 2017 MUD 341 Board Meeting AGENDA
Board meeting agenda
Download MUD 341 Board Meeting 4/10/17 Agenda
form to submit to MUD to document high water issues in streets
Download MUD 341 High Water Tracking Form
program through the MUD to help document high water in LOE streets
Download High Water tracking article
update on the project - completed
Download MUD System Flushing Final
Announcement and Location Schedule
LOAE map showing schedules per locations
Details, maps, instructions regarding the water line system flush to take place SOON
Amended Agenda replacing the original one that was posted
Download AMENDED Board Meeting Agenda 12-12-16
update on repairs underway
Download Lake Waterside Way Repair Update
helpful information about MUD 341
Download Fact Sheet
Download August Board Meeting Minutes
Download MUD 341 Water Quality Report
Download MUD 341 Board Meeting November 14, 2016


Traffic Rules
Download LOE General Traffic Rules
Rules for General Access
Download LOE General Access Rules
Road Safety Rules
Download Loe Road Safety Rules
Letter from Board/Safety Committee
Download Safety, Speed Limits, Stop Signs and Access Control
Associaiton policy on use of fireworks within LOE by residents
Download July 4th Fireworks in LOE
Download Policy to Parking on Street
Download Traffic Safety
Expected behavior of members when addressing Board members and service providers whether at meetings or in general discussions or encounters
Download Standards of Conduct of Members Addressing Board Members and Service Providers

Waste Disposal Information
Texas Pride Info Sheet
Download Trash Information

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